Future of  Medicine

Johns Hopkins Medicine

In 2016, Johns Hopkins launched an institute devoted to the study of a new and promising approach to cancer treatment, embracing the Obama administration's "moonshot" initiative to cure cancer, an effort led by then Vice President Joe Biden.

The Bloomberg–Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy was founded with two $50 million gifts—one from Michael R. Bloomberg, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and three-term mayor of New York City; the other from philanthropist Sidney Kimmel, founder of Jones Apparel Group. An additional $25 million was contributed by more than a dozen additional supporters.

MSK Partners supported the launch by developing a logo and graphic standards, then applying those to a variety of communications from print and digital invitations for the launch event to design of the Institute’s first website.

Following the launch event, Hopkins development staff wanted to send a thank you gift to all attendees. We suggested a stewardship and donor relations program that would have great impact, be cost-effective and allow for a tiered presentation to each donor level. Working with writers from Hopkins Medicine, we created a 42-page, hardbound book that was given to most attendees; a white, soft-touch box that contained the book for select donors; and a 13” x 19” brushed aluminum box (with the logo and graphics etched on the front) so the commemorative book could be hand delivered to each major donor.

This program is part of our ongoing work for Johns Hopkins supporting patient education, research communications, fundraising, and stewardship.